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You deserve an all-inclusive Point of Sale solution that simplifies your inventory management and seamlessly integrates with your accounting system.

lightspeed: point of sale system


expert support


Lightspeed is an all-in-one cloud-based point of sale system, designed for multi-location management, inventory management, and ecommerce. As licensed LightSpeed partners, our award-winning team at AccountAbility Consulting is well-prepared to guide your company seamlessly through your point of sale migration. 

Discover the advantages of a team of experts who know your business, coupled with an all-inclusive POS system.

Why Does Lightspeed Standout?

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Easy Setup

Auto Accounting

Complete Inventory

Ongoing Support

Valuable Insights

 Retailers everywhere are switching to cloud solutions to modernize their businesses and keep up with the increasing demands of the industry. 


Unlike other POS solutions on the market, Lightspeed offers a comprehensive ecosystem that gives you the power to run your entire store from one centralized interface. Lightspeed’s POS and eCom solutions are built to work with each other and your accounting system, allowing complete and seamless inventory, accounting, and customer relations management

Account Ability Consulting and Lightspeed: A Perfect Pair

At Account Ability Consulting, we have joined forces with Lightspeed to elevate your POS integration experience. We have over 35 years of expertise in guiding retail, manufacturing, and construction businesses with accounting technology implementation, training, and ongoing support.

You’ll benefit from a seamless transition to a more robust accounting and inventory ecosystem, personalized training sessions, and ongoing technical assistance even after your implementation is complete. 

We are committed to tailoring your software transition to your company’s unique needs, giving you the tools and support you need to maximize the benefits of your technology. 

As an added bonus, Account Ability Consulting clients benefit from a generous 20% discount on their software costs.


Lightspeed’s comprehensive and automated retail technology

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Unlike other POS solutions on the market, Lightspeed offers a comprehensive system that gives shop owners the power to run their entire business operations seamlessly from a single platform. Lightspeed offers a complete inventory system, detailed customer profiles, automatic bookkeeping, analytic insights, and much more all through a centralized dashboard.


Make better decisions with valuable insights.

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With Lightspeed, you’ll gain access to critical data on: 

  • Trends in sales and inventory

  • Sales performance by employee

  • Individual customer preferences, spending trends, and lifetime purchase history

By improving visibility across your entire operation, you'll be able to stay highly informed on your business’s performance and make critical decisions with confidence. And with Lightspeed’s cloud-based technology, you can even receive these performance updates directly on your mobile device!


Expedite reporting with Lightspeed automations and integrations

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With Lightspeed, you can streamline your accounting processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your financial reporting. Built for integration with QuickBooks, Lightspeed automatically uploads and reports daily sales data, keeping you informed with real-time, reliable insights at your fingertips.

Ready to transform your POS system?

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