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7 Tips to Help Expand Your Use of QuickBooks Online

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

So much of the time, we only touch the surface of what our tech stack has the capability to do. In this article, we share 7 tips for expanding your use of QuickBooks Online.

We tend to fall into the same old patterns once we’ve learned how to make a computer application work for us. We learn the features we need and rarely venture beyond them unless we find a greater need for the software or application.

QuickBooks Online is no exception. Intuit makes QBO's capabilities known through an easy-to-understand system of menus and icons, labeled columns and fields, and links. But do we really see what else it can do? By expanding your knowledge of what QuickBooks Online can do, you may be able to shave some time off of your accounting tasks and better manage the forms, transactions, and reports that you work with every day. Here are some tips.

1. Edit lines in transactions.

Have you ever been almost done with a transaction and realized you need to make some changes farther up in the list of line items? Don’t delete the transaction and start over. QuickBooks Online comes with simple editing tools, including:

  • Delete a line. Click the trash can icon to the right of the line.

  • Reorder lines. Click the icon to the left of the line, hold it, and guide it to the new position. This is tricky. You may have to work with it a bit.

  • Clear all lines and Add lines. Click the buttons below your line items, to the left.

Click the More link at the bottom of a saved transaction to see what your options are.

2. Explore the "More" menu.

Saved transactions in QuickBooks Online have a link at the bottom of the screen labeled More, as pictured above. Click it, and you can Copy the transaction or Void or Delete it. You can also view the Transaction journal, which displays the behind-the-scenes accounting work, and see an Audit history, which lists any actions taken on the transaction.

3. Create new tabs.

Do you ever wish you could display more than one screen simultaneously so you can flip back and forth between them? You can. Right-click on any link in QuickBooks Online, like Sales | Customers, and select Open link in new tab.

4. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Not everyone is a fan of these, mostly because they can’t remember them. Try recording them on a notecard near your computer for fast reference. Hold down these three keys together to see a list [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[?]. Hold down these three keys together to view invoices [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[i] or these three to vie expenses [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[x].

5. Modify your sales forms.

Do you need more flexibility than what’s offered in your sales forms? It may be available. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select Account and settings under Your Company. Click the Sales tab. In the section labeled Sales form content, notice that you can add fields for Shipping, Discounts, and Deposits by clicking on their on/off switches. You can also add Custom fields and Custom transaction numbers.

6. Add attachments.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a copy of a source document when you enter a transaction. To attach a receipt to an expense, for example, look in the lower left corner of the transaction. Click Attachments and browse your system folders to find the file, then double click on it.

7. Use the Previous Transaction Button.

Are you trying to find a transaction that you entered recently but don’t want to do a full-on search? With a transaction of the same type open, click the clock icon in the top left corner. A list of Recent Expenses will drop down. Click on the one you want.

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks Online or you’ve been using it for years, there’s always more to explore. We’d be happy to help you expand your use of QuickBooks Online by introducing you to new features, building on what you’re already doing on the site to improve your overall financial management. Call us to schedule some time.

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