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QB Desktop's Diamond Package Takes the Pressure Off for Mid-Sized Businesses

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Intuit's most robust version of QuickBooks, Enterprise Platinum with the Diamond package, could be the right choice for your mid-market business. Read more about Account Ability's thoughts on the subject below.

The Diamond package is an end-to-end business management solution for mid-sized companies looking to streamline payroll services, improve inventory management, and obtain enhanced reporting. It is high-capacity and high-feature; for the right company, Diamond provides cost savings and increased efficiency--especially for payroll services. The most exciting aspect, however, is that Diamond prevents scaling businesses from outgrowing the QuickBooks ecosystem.

When considering the combined cost of a la carte subscriptions like QuickBooks Enterprise, Assisted Payroll, and Time Elite (Formerly TSheets Elite), the Diamond package, while not inexpensive, bundles costs and allows for deeper discounts. In addition to up-front savings, Diamond can prevent valuable man-hours from being spent on otherwise avoidable activities, like issues that result from tech stack inefficiencies, calls to customer support, correcting errors, and manually entering data. Many users who make the switch to the Diamond package save up to 6% on payroll costs and up to 3 hours a week managing employee time, on average.* Additionally, Job Cost Reporting--a notoriously tricky expense to track--becomes a simple process.

The most appealing feature of the Diamond package, however, is that it allows your mid-sized business to continue growing without the fear of outgrowing QuickBooks. The platform is engineered to grow right alongside your business so that your accounting, inventory, and payroll needs are continuously supported without paying for services you don't need or aren't using and without having to make the painful transition from QuickBooks to another platform.

Many businesses that are experiencing challenges surrounding accuracy, app integration, and time effectiveness with their payroll processes have found the Diamond package to be the best solution for their needs. If your company is experiencing any of these issues and has eight or more employees who require time tracking, the Diamond package might be the best peace-of-mind solution your business needs.

To find out how the Diamond package can help your business improve visibility and cost savings with less hassle, contact Account Ability Consulting today.

*These findings are based on two studies of hundreds of current users conducted by Intuit.

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